Dave Adams - 'Songs from Grandad Bill's Gramophone'
03:00 & 15:00 Hrs Friday - Saturday GMT

Dave Adams

I'm Dave Adams, and I'm a WWII reenactor, I'm also the guy behind the Ironbridge Gorge WWII Weekend.

I'm really pleased to be joining the UK 1940s radio station to present the 15:00 and 03:00 show 'Songs from Grandad Bill's Gramophone'. I have been on the radio in a number of guises starting in the 1980s on BFBS Gibraltar, I have also presented on hospital radio and a number of internet stations where I had a syndicated rock show.

This time I'm bring my love of all things 1940s to the air, especially the music! I'm going to play tunes from the Charleston era right up to the end of the 40s decade, including ones you may not have heard before or not heard in some time. I will, of course, also play all your favourites such as Glenn Miller and many more.

I'm happy I can dig out my old closing catch phrase too "I've been Dave Adams and you've been whoever you are, wherever you are"

Send me your requests folks and dont forget to tune in on Saturdays, tell all your friends too.

Contact Dave Dave.Adams@1940sukradio.co.uk
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